Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Revlon Sun Candy, Shiny Matte, Marchesa & Diamond Collection

 Spotted at CVS - Revlon Sun Candy (pastel with matching glimmering top coat) and Shiny Matte Nail Art
White Hot, Sun Shower, Pink Dawn, Solar Flare
Shimmering Sunset, Northern Lights, Fiery Sky, Sun Burst
Solar Flare, Celecstial Shine, Lava Flame
For the Shiny Matte - Leather and Lace, Emerald Suede, Pinstripe
Khaki Satin, Tortoiseshell
From Walgreens Marchesa beauty implements
Diamond collection nail file, tweezers, curlers and clutch


  1. I picked up Lava Flame, not tried it yet, but some of these are very pretty

    1. I think my favorite part about these is the naming those colors all look kind of familar though. Like those scented glimmering top coats from a few years back.


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