Friday, January 10, 2014

NYC Show Stopper, Pucker Up Expert Wear Lip Color and Mascara

 Spotted at CVS - NYC Show Stopper Nail Color
 Top of Gold, Disco Inferno, NY Blues
 Minted on Broadway, Nolita's Lavender, Hamptons Peach, Lafayette Pink
 Pucker Up display with City Proof Intense Lip Color (more lip crayons!) - I already have three colors that I want to try already.
 The Expert Last lip color (placed upside down in the display) are just normal bullet lipsticks. The dusty rose kind of looks interesting.
 Round the Clock display with eyeshadow palette (that are supposed to be new but looks old anyway) eyeliner pencils and two new mascaras.
Bold Volume and City Proof Buildable Mascara


  1. I've read good things about the NYC Gold Top coat, although I haven't tried it myself :-)

  2. I have the silver one(there is a very similar one in their one dollar range )and it's not bad for the price. Consider how cheaper glitter tend to be dull or flat.

  3. i love the mascaras.


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