Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 - Color Tattoo, Rocket Mascara, Color Whisper Lipsticks and Nail Color

Spotted another display for the Maybelline Summer 2013 Collection (in a different branch) - Ahh, Maybelline totally nailed it this time!
Two new (and limited edition) Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Precious Pearl and Blue Paradise (light aqua blue with teal-purple duochrome). Blue is the color that always goes wrong on my eyes (and I already bought three LE color tattoo from the other display)  but I think I really need this one (when it's on sale, of course). The white looks a little bleh but I heard that there is soft pink sheen in some Youtube videos.
Four Color Whisper lipsticks - The third one is called I crave coral (and it just looks too similar to the ones from the permanent range).
Color Show Nail Color in Canary Cool and Turquoise Paradise
New Volume Express the Rocket Mascara

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wet n Wild Yacht Party Spoiled Nail Color

Spotted at CVS - A display of Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Color called Yacht Party
They are probably not new but I like the nautical display so I took the pictures.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

L'Oreal Miss Candy Nail Color & Lingerie

Spotted at Walgreens - L'Oreal Miss Candy limited edition Nail Lingerie (stickers)  and Gellie Nail Polish
 Jolly Lolly, Mango Mamma, Bananarama Love, Creme de Mint, Lilac Coolers, Bubble Trouble, Berry Nice , and Miss Pixie.

Six Things I like This Spring

1. Maybelline Cosmetics (in general)  - Earlier this year, I became a little overwhelmed with the all the releases and was jaded by all the makeup that I have/cannot finish using (because seriously, how many sheer pink coral lipstick/balm do I need anyway?). I was thinking I have them all... Maybelline has convinced me otherwise: "You need more candy-colored lip colors (just dump your old ones), powder blushes (you don't see lilac blush from drugstore, do you?) and our amazing color tattoos with the dreamy sheen " 

"Yes, master."  *Hands wallet*
 2. Lamy Raspberry Al-Star Fountain Pen - Hello, ruby grapefruit!  Even though the grip section is a pain in the rear. The steel nib is so compatible with my handwriting (softer gold nibs make my handwriting look childish, guess I am destined for the cheap route, even when it comes to pen)  that I think I should start writing love letters with it and expect a 0 rejection rate. Confession time: I bought the Maybelline lipstick (in the first picture) just to match this pen.
 3. Hoarding Ink Samples
 4. Ripe pipa/loquat in the yard
5. Snacks Clearance at Big Lots -  I found a new Big Lots (that I can sneak in during lunch break). Not only this branch has more cool makeup (fall 2012 limited edition that's reduced by 80%), the food clearance section is also a miniature heaven, filled with snacks that are either seasonal (from the past holiday) and things that are approaching expiry day (it's OK because all the surviving Chinese have anti-food-poisoning gene in our DNA)  and beef jerky (that don't expire until mid 2014) for only 25 cents!  Anyway, I spent a little over 2 dollars and got some chocolate dipped fortune cookies (which by the way, is 100% American and 0% Chinese), chocolate covered mint cream waffler (yum) and 6-month supply of sodium...Life is good.

Here is selfie, because Cacao wonders what my 6. newly-chopped hair looks like (I only crossed my eyes slightly so this is a total success. I think I should have pasted a cartoon beret to cover up all the forehead zits...
When your bra straps fell out and you are clueless about Photoshop...
The story went like this. Back in late March, I noticed that the two sides of my hair were a bit uneven so I started "fixing" it a bit by a bit ("This side is longer, let me trim it off...Oh, now this side is longer. Let me trim it again...")by the end of the trimming session, I ended up with a bob. It's still uneven (after several "fixes") but I think I will leave it at that...Because I can't pull off pixie cut without getting mistaken for guy. Not the aw-you-look-like-a-boy kind, more like some absent-minded dude would get the door handle right from me and enter a restroom full of women (and came out looking defeated. This is a true story)...

On the bright side, not only the dog-shedding has been improving dramatically, this is also the best length for beret-wearing (refer to Pixar's Ratatouille). I just need to find an easy to follow pattern (preferably Asian since I skip lines when I read those text ones, if I am patient enough to read it) and good yarn (how comes Michael's has $40 French watercolor paper but not any semi-decent wool yarn that are not mostly acrylic?)  to kick start everything.
Anyway, I wouldn't mind some yarn like the fur of this cat. (Gotta love the murderous gaze)
Here is a friendlier-looking one with round face. But I think I prefer evil cats...They have more characters (cat-racters).

So here is the random weekly photo dump (that I have neglected for half a year).  I hope at least it was somewhat interest or fulfilling for the curious few...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

elf Vitamin E Infused, Fast-Drying Nail Polish - There is a Flakie!

Spotted at CVS - Elf nail polish packaging that I have never seen before. It's just called Vitamin E infused fast-drying polish and unlike the ones from Target, the shades from the display are all pretty cool!

Pansy yellow, Minty Green and Coppery Chunky Glitter (they were super hard to yank out so I didn't bother looking at the shade name).
Blurple with a bit of teal sheen (wait maybe I am just imagining it). flakie and bright coral. I am not sure how much these are (the barcodes are too small to be scanned) but I suppose it would be a wonderful deal (just the flakie) if they are under 5 bucks a piece.

NYX Be Free Eyeshadow Palette and Swatches

Spotted at ULTA - New NYX Be Free Eyeshadow Palette 
Most of the shades are shimmery and have a nice soft texture that's smooth and not too powdery.
Due to limited space on arm, I only swatched my favorites: The teals, taupes and browns.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Art - New Polish Strips

A new display at Walgreens - Sally Hansen I heart Nail Art with...Not sure if they are new as I lost track long time ago.

At least the Salon Effect nail polish strips haves never been seen before (by me)
Xtreme Wear Nail Color 
 More Xtreme Wear (these are familiar)
A Rainbow of Insta Dri Nail Color

Diamond Strength Nail Color - I like the melon colored one on the right! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Fringe False Lashes & Wild Shine Polish Set

More Walgreens Sighting - Wet n Wild Fergie Fringe False Lashes
Two sets of Wild Shine Nail Color Set (I think the tel in the middle has some duo-chrome going on!)
Another set in Red, Orange and Pink. Each Set retails for 3.99 (Which means you can get four full sized Wild Shine polish instead of these tiny minis that will dry out quickly in hotter climate).

Nutra Nail Pinup Glam Gel Perfect

Spotted at ULTA (then CVS) - Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Nail Color Pinup Glam with "Classics Colors Reinvented"

The shades are just pink, red and coral. Fairy standard to me (nothing that retro).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sinful Colors SinfulShine, Diamond Lust & Bare Necessities

Three Sinful Colors displays from Walgreens - First there is the SinfulShine Nail Color with Gel Tech. Some of the normal Sinful Colors polish already dry shiny (enough for me) so I don't know what to expect from these.
Royal Flush, Nouveau Purple (that looks blue), Amazonian, My Kryptonite, Devious, Blue Suede Shoes, All the Rage, Pragmatic, Set the Mood
Mardi Gras, Sailor's Delight, Bottom Up, At Sea, Tan Lin, I am Blushing, VIP, In the Lime Light, Yours Truly, Skinny Dipping, Bananappeal (lol), Come Hither, Picante, Dark Room (and other I didn't get to include in the picture)
 Another display is the Diamond Lust 3D effect glitter top coat
 I would have been crazy about it, if it was released 3 years ago. Now I am just boring (and go for creme most of the time).
They didn't have space for the whole display poster but this one is called Bare Necessities

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Revlon Midnight Express Cream Eye Shadow Palette - Shanghai Collection

The Midnight Express Cream Shadow Palette was from Revlon Fall 2012 Collection. At 8 dollars, I didn't care for it but I ended up finding it at Big Lots (along with other LE by NYC and a couple of Revlon holiday 2012 glosses) for only $1.5. So I guess even it goes horribly wrong, it's still a fun toy to play with. Anyway, is it just me or it looks like a scaled down version of that Make Up For Ever paint palette?
The palette has a clear windows and a small mirror on top (which is enough for both eyes) and the rest are just filled with 6 cream shadows: a shimmery mossy green, silver, matte/cream black, coppery gold, pearly off-white and a rich plum. These shadow are a little more gel-like (less slippery, creamy) compared to the crease-like-crazy illuminance cream shadow so the color they deposit is more veil-like (reads: less filler and more pigment)

(Not sure why the picture is make mu arm look so tanned)  The shimmery green, off white and plum all look nice (but they slip off right away since I didn't bother with primer/don't have a matching powder shadow to top it over). The black is intense, oil-slick like and even leaves a bit of a stain but...it slips off faster than the shimmery ones. The two metallic are my favorite, as they make a nice inner-corner highlighter or an allover wash (the coppery gold just looks sun-kissed on the skin) and the flecks still stick around after a few hours of wear, on my hooded & oily lids. Overall: It's $1.5 (saves me from buying 1.5 bottles of sodas/risk of osteoporosis later in life) so what can I complain about?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes, Kiss Gel Polish and More

Collective spying at various places - First there is the Katy Perry Color Pop lashes from ULTA
They are normal lashes (I guess either my phone camera stopped working or I picked the wrong one) infused with colored strands. 
 Kiss Gel Polish from Walgreens
Maybelline The Fierce French (not new, I just like the display picture)
Coral Ambition with several color whisper lipstick and a gloss

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Complete Care Nourishing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo,  purchased (for free, thanks to a CVS promotion) is fairly new in the market and a little different from the drugstore shampoo I have tried. The creamy, shampoo has a fairly thick consistency like condensed milk (other drugstore shampoo forms a rounder pool on my palm and gives a jelly look and pearly sheen) and I don't need much to clean the whole head (which contains much less hair since I chopped off my bra-strap length hair to a short bob). 

The shampoo foams and cleanses rather well without stripping out too much hair or oil. After using it for a week, I notice that my very dry/flaky scalp (which is quite visible when my hair is dry but the flakes don't fall or become itchy for two days, the duration between washes, so I don't give it much thought) has improved a lot but at the same time, my hair also became noticeably oilier just one day after wash...I guess, you gain some then you lose some? Anyway, I do like how moisturizing and weightless (before the oil attack, of course) and the lingering scent (which smells like the daisy one from the old Clairol Essences shampoo) so I will very likely repurchase.
Ingredient List of the Clear Nourishing Anti-Dandruff shampoo (the active ingredient is prythione zinc).
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