Saturday, April 27, 2013

elf Vitamin E Infused, Fast-Drying Nail Polish - There is a Flakie!

Spotted at CVS - Elf nail polish packaging that I have never seen before. It's just called Vitamin E infused fast-drying polish and unlike the ones from Target, the shades from the display are all pretty cool!

Pansy yellow, Minty Green and Coppery Chunky Glitter (they were super hard to yank out so I didn't bother looking at the shade name).
Blurple with a bit of teal sheen (wait maybe I am just imagining it). flakie and bright coral. I am not sure how much these are (the barcodes are too small to be scanned) but I suppose it would be a wonderful deal (just the flakie) if they are under 5 bucks a piece.


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