Sunday, April 28, 2013

Six Things I like This Spring

1. Maybelline Cosmetics (in general)  - Earlier this year, I became a little overwhelmed with the all the releases and was jaded by all the makeup that I have/cannot finish using (because seriously, how many sheer pink coral lipstick/balm do I need anyway?). I was thinking I have them all... Maybelline has convinced me otherwise: "You need more candy-colored lip colors (just dump your old ones), powder blushes (you don't see lilac blush from drugstore, do you?) and our amazing color tattoos with the dreamy sheen " 

"Yes, master."  *Hands wallet*
 2. Lamy Raspberry Al-Star Fountain Pen - Hello, ruby grapefruit!  Even though the grip section is a pain in the rear. The steel nib is so compatible with my handwriting (softer gold nibs make my handwriting look childish, guess I am destined for the cheap route, even when it comes to pen)  that I think I should start writing love letters with it and expect a 0 rejection rate. Confession time: I bought the Maybelline lipstick (in the first picture) just to match this pen.
 3. Hoarding Ink Samples
 4. Ripe pipa/loquat in the yard
5. Snacks Clearance at Big Lots -  I found a new Big Lots (that I can sneak in during lunch break). Not only this branch has more cool makeup (fall 2012 limited edition that's reduced by 80%), the food clearance section is also a miniature heaven, filled with snacks that are either seasonal (from the past holiday) and things that are approaching expiry day (it's OK because all the surviving Chinese have anti-food-poisoning gene in our DNA)  and beef jerky (that don't expire until mid 2014) for only 25 cents!  Anyway, I spent a little over 2 dollars and got some chocolate dipped fortune cookies (which by the way, is 100% American and 0% Chinese), chocolate covered mint cream waffler (yum) and 6-month supply of sodium...Life is good.

Here is selfie, because Cacao wonders what my 6. newly-chopped hair looks like (I only crossed my eyes slightly so this is a total success. I think I should have pasted a cartoon beret to cover up all the forehead zits...
When your bra straps fell out and you are clueless about Photoshop...
The story went like this. Back in late March, I noticed that the two sides of my hair were a bit uneven so I started "fixing" it a bit by a bit ("This side is longer, let me trim it off...Oh, now this side is longer. Let me trim it again...")by the end of the trimming session, I ended up with a bob. It's still uneven (after several "fixes") but I think I will leave it at that...Because I can't pull off pixie cut without getting mistaken for guy. Not the aw-you-look-like-a-boy kind, more like some absent-minded dude would get the door handle right from me and enter a restroom full of women (and came out looking defeated. This is a true story)...

On the bright side, not only the dog-shedding has been improving dramatically, this is also the best length for beret-wearing (refer to Pixar's Ratatouille). I just need to find an easy to follow pattern (preferably Asian since I skip lines when I read those text ones, if I am patient enough to read it) and good yarn (how comes Michael's has $40 French watercolor paper but not any semi-decent wool yarn that are not mostly acrylic?)  to kick start everything.
Anyway, I wouldn't mind some yarn like the fur of this cat. (Gotta love the murderous gaze)
Here is a friendlier-looking one with round face. But I think I prefer evil cats...They have more characters (cat-racters).

So here is the random weekly photo dump (that I have neglected for half a year).  I hope at least it was somewhat interest or fulfilling for the curious few...


  1. Makeup is too hard to abstain from buying! I usually buy only "unique" products but currently I have several blushes and eyeshadows open and I'm paranoid about expiry dates... and I still "need" to buy Majolica Majorca Brown Lash King and several Dollywink lashes :(

    This spring I learned that orange and brown lip/cheek colours make me look sick. I will stick to pink and red from now on. I don't know how you do it :/

    I tried to learn knitting before but I got irritated because the yarn kept splitting. After a while I don't even know how many stitches I am supposed to have in a row anymore lol

    1. Right now I have stopped buying lip gloss since I have accumulated several favorites and they go bad relatively quickly. Lipsticks are alright (I still have a half-finish Anna Sui lipstick from 2006 and it smells pretty fresh)and so is powder blush. I realized that I could still get a few more eyeshadow since those Maybelline ones are so dummy-proof. Ahh, women...We can never stopped buying craps. (Even during the short period of makeup no-buy, I hauled a bunch of stationery).

      Sounds like crochet is your thing! They don't come loose unless you slip the hook! Anyway, Japanese knit/crochet book is a god-sent, I taught myself (knitting and crochet) from several of them (that my mom hauled in Japan during her work assignments). The illustration and photographs were so good that it required little to no language skill. The diagram kind of pattern also follows itself more naturally. I think it's a great thing to pick up if you live in Canada. Wool hats and Texas weather are not that compatible...

    2. Do you have dry lips? I hate using lip product because it kind of slides around/texture gets gross after a while. Even lip balm alone accumulates on the inside of my lips T_T

      Lol I love buying useless cute stuff from daiso >< I make excuses to myself that they are useful ><

      I think I can resist buying eyeshadow now that I found I prefer using pencil (either pencil eyeliner or pencil eyeshadow) instead of eyeshadow in a pan because it's so fast and convenient. I really only ever use 3 colours of eyeshadow anyway: base (bronze brown), outer corner (dark brown), inner corner (gold). In the meantime I will keep lusting after blush and dollywink lashes.

      Ah ok! I will look into crochet~

    3. My lips are not dry by nature, but the skin there is so thin that they are heavily influenced by weather (or bad lip products). It's pretty much like give-me-moisture so I will thrive kind of situation. I mainly like those because they are one-step solution to just add some color on the whole face.

      As for eyeshadow, cream (in pot) is my favorite, I usually just use one shade apply it to lash line then blend it with fingers. (Sometime I add a glittery white highlight on top). I like all the pencil shadow I have tried but most of them are either too expensive (I can get 4 Maybelline color tattoo which just work/last just as well) or the colors are too garish (NYX jumbo pencils). Milani is releasing a LE line of shadow pencil soon and I think I might pick up one or two.

    4. Hmm, I don't actually have any eyeshadow pencils (NYX jumbo pencils are indeed garish... and don't seem to be sharpenable??? D:) We don't really have coupons in Canada so I have to rely on drugstore sales. Because of that, Maybelline eyestudio palettes/color tattoo range from $8-11 each so I don't buy those. I use these Prestige eyeliners (bronze and brown) that I got on sale for $3 and blend with fingers. I should have bought more! Now I am running out... I find the Maybelline colours a bit garish too though? Like the brown/coppers are too cool-toned and/or too metallic.

  2. That hair length really suits you! I hope you are able to make a beret soon it will be the perfect accessory for spring time! I'm still waiting on Maybelline to go on sale 40% (or buy one get one free if we're super lucky) so I can try out those vivid lipsticks and the color whispers too, I really like the packaging as well!

    1. I knew the cut wouldn't be too bad since it's kind of length I go back to every four years or so...As for the beret, I will go to Michael's again and see if their alpaca blend yarns are further discounted. Well, since summer is approaching.

      The best sale we get in CVS is just buy 15 dollars (worth of full price Maybelline...Yikes) and get five extra bucks. Consider all of their products (beside the 4-5 dollars powder eyeshadow that I don't care for) are 7-9 dollars, I need to spend at least 20 to get the reward. So we have been getting pretty sucky deals when it comes to Maybelline (Walgreens 40% off hasn't been seen for at least a year). But I suppose the Color Tattoo shadow are totally worth caving for...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am trying it grow it back (just a big) so the front piece won't fall out like a catfish when I tie my hair back though.

  4. Yayyy!! Cool! love it! I always feel elegance in the air with short hair. You should show your face more frequently, it must looks gorgeous with all the make up you have on

    look at this one I think the haircut, clothing, haircolor, everything looks so lovely. Try it one day! lol

    1. Haha, thanks. I guess I still need to improve the selfie-skill before I have my cross-eyed (they are kind of wide-set, according to the folks at eye doctor who prepare my glasses)pictures splattered allover the internet...And I ensure you that my makeup either don't show or it would start looking like clown. There are two instances that tell me I

      Scenario 1:
      Roommate looks at my face before heading to her early class
      Roommate: Wut.....the hell is that?
      Me: It's smokey eyes! *blinking*
      Roommate: It's all smoke alright...

      Scenario 2:
      Me: Want me to do your graduation makeup for you?
      Friend: Noooooooooooooooooo...(I think I uncovered the hidden opera diva she is).

      And that's a really nice look, perfect for the forehead zits (lol)! (Should totally give it a try if I am anywhere near a Japanese salon. Don't trust the people down here = = ....)

  5. lol, you're so funny. If you ever have that cut please put a pic, kinda in love with it but won't work on my face and hair.

    Btw, your eyes are really cool but it must require specific techniques to makeup and looks good (and stays) ? If you asked me for a makeup I wouldn't know from where to start. Mine are like round ones, even a retarded can make them look good, damn easy.

    1. Oh, it's quite common among east Asian (it's just that mine are a little more slanted and wide-set) and since there is no definite boundary/crease, people just need to be more patient with blending and such (which is something I am too lazy to do) Japanese eyeshadows are design in a texture that you can just layer those color on top of each other (deeper shades closer to lash line) and there will be a subtle depth and even western makeup artists are fairly good on Asians eyes just judging from the makeup on Asian models during fashion week. Anyway, most of the time I just use one shade allover the lid since I am lazy.

  6. Yeah,I understand. I'm a lazy taurus ♉. Not lazy to buy(wich I do a lot even when I don't need it) but actually lazy to apply.

    I never tried any japanese brand (that I remember), are they good? (sorry, turned your blog post into a chat)

    1. Shiseido is a brand that rarely goes wrong on me, I like their lipsticks, blushes but their sunscreen and foaming cleanser is my favorites. One of the good thing about the brand is that it has so many daughter brands (cle de peau, maquillage, majolica majorca etc) there is something for everyone). Other brands I like are Paul & Joe (for their blushes and lip gloss), Anna Sui (lipsticks) and Canmake (their cream blushes come with wide/interesting range of color and has very nice texture and pigmentation). Their eyeshadow in general is know for the subtle luminous that creates depth in a more natural way (instead of using a deep crease color) but they are kind of expensive after markup so I never buy them unless I am in Asia.

      These two blogs both have quite some intensive coverage on Japanese brands.

  7. the only one available here is shiseido, wich I already tried a lot of itens. It is really good but so expensive. I will take a look at the links...

    btw, cream blushes are like an obssesion for me. Maybe I'll like canmake


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