Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Signed Sealed and Sequined, I Heart Nail Art, Three Way

 Hello, friends I am back from my finals into the blogging world (Ok, temporarily since I blew one class/got a D from a class by a 1.2 point so I am supposed to do some makeup work with the professor = =... But well, I think I need to put something up that have been clogging my camera/dashboard for weeks.)
Spotted from CVS (probably more than a month ago) Sally Hansen Signed Sealed and Sequined
 Blush over Hue, Crown Jewel, Over the Rainblue, Glare Necessities
Strawberry Shield, Open Mica Night, Cheery On Top
 I heart nail art set with ballz, neon polishes, striper, pens and shiny/matte top coats
The neon (I didn't bother to read the names)
Big Shiny and Big Matte Top Coat
 New shades from Xtreme Color and Insta Dri 
Pink Punk, Hot Tamale, Pucker Up, Pep-plum, Jazzy Jade, sea-iny Stars, Bold Gold, Pixel Perfect, Shine On Blue Bloom
Sand Strom, Go for Gold, Chartreuse Chase, Grease Lightening, Grape Shifter, In Prompt Blue, i-rush-luck, Jade Jump.
Texure Three Ways (Which totally reminds me of that obscene song by Lonely Island with Lady Gaga...That wasn't even funny).
Reverse French, Sugar Shimmer
Satin Glam

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  1. I picked up some of those Satin Glams, I really like them. They actually feel soft on the nail (weird I know) and I was delighted to get them on my trip stateside :-)


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