Monday, December 30, 2013

Peach Smoothie - Sally Hansen Moisture Twist Primer + Color

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist Primer + Color is just a normal gloss (with a gimmicky name) the gloss has s marblized part with creamy white "primer" (if it really were to prime, shouldn't it be applied separately?) and a colored gloss part. Peach Smoothie is a light orange that blend down to a semi-sheer creamy apricot ( golden yellow with a sheen). On the lips, it just blend right in with the red and looks coral.
The gloss has a gel (maybe somewhat pasty, because the shimmery bits make it thicker) consistency that's not really malleable, I had to redip several time to coat my whole mouth since the doe-foot applicator doesn't pick up much. The formula is light-weight and comfortable to wear but since I always manage to get so little product on, it's neither moisturizing or emollient.

Overall: Meh (the color is kind of flattering though) and I hate the oatmeal-turns-formaldehyde smell it has.

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