Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Aurora - Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer

If you read my first review for the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer (the gadget will pull it up below the post), you will know I hate that stuff (the color was garish and the product just sits on top on lips and transfers under the slightest bit of pressure). The thing is that I bought two at the time so here is double the suffering (and bitching). 
Formula wise, Aurora has the exact same texture as Big Bang. It feels liquid but the pigment is intense (in a block of color that never sinks in sort of way) and unforgiving. The color itself was alright though, being a creamy coral red that feels kind of retro.
Since I know the formula would sit on top of (since it's winter, my lips tend to be a dry mess) the skin, I put a slippery base (Essence Glow Neon Glow lipstick/that jelly balm thing) underneath, so the color would go more smoothly. (I am sorry about the mustache, as always = =….) 
Rimmel Aurora Lip Lacquer - It did end up looking much more forgiving (well I prefer punchy coral red over warm-red-that-turns-bright-cherry on me anyway). Overall: Still kind of hate it. 

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