Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fantasy Makers Halloween Makeup at CVS and Walgreens

Fantasy Maker is just Wet n Wild's alter ego (during the time of Halloween) and here is what it has to offer this fall (a lot of them are the same from past years though). First there is a display from Walgreens.
Eyeliner, eye crayon, Fast Dry nail color (all permanent) and the black lipstick that they release every fall.
Megalast lipstick aren't new either.

At least there are some colored mascara and liner (which are almost all sold out so I suppose they are new shades?) and paint palette. The glitter palettes were all released before.
Falsie, lipstick, eyeshadow and nail color sets.

This one is from CVS 
Black and Glow nail color, crayons, glitter gel
Four paper lashes in Woodland Dreams, Mysterious, Entangled and Royal Flush

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