Saturday, August 03, 2013

Tarte Glamazon 12hr Lipstick Swatches

Another ancient post from the pile of drafts - Tarte Glamazon lipstick is a range of pigmented lipstick that are supposed to last for 12 hours (and there were other gimmicks but I didn't care enough to remember). The bamboo bullets are pretty cute and each has print that matches the color of the lipstick.
They are quite rich and creamy (redder shades tend to stain a little) and I might have mixed up the mauve/nudes in my swatches (they all look so similar).
My favorite shade Timeless is from the limited edition Aqualilies collection. (The boxes for the collection is too cute!)


  1. I am always tempted to buy the "enlightened" shade b/c it swatches so smoothly on my hands and everyone raves about these lipsticks and Tarte chubby stick lipsticks, but I found them VERY drying on the lips. :(

    1. Pigmented (and long lasting) lipstick have a tendency to be drying (then again, I haven't tried any luxury brand lipsticks) these kind of feel like MAC lipstick on the arm (not sure what that's supposed to mean) and MAC are generally very drying on me.


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