Monday, August 05, 2013

Physicians Formula Fake Out Mascara

 Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara was released late last year, it sure didn't take very long for it to gain notoriety on Makeupalley.  Being a rebel and a sucker for the hot-pink-cyber-flatworm packaging, I waited and waited before a truly good sale come alone. When it finally did, I unleashed all the corresponding coupons, paid little-to-nothing (documented on this post) and got my hands on what turned out to be a piece of dump.

Physicians Formula Fake Out mascara has a big and prickly applicator (the pink glimmers is probably the uncoated part of the wand) that pokes and smudges the lids easily. The mascara has a pasty-towards-runny formula that smells a little funky (but it didn't take long for me to ignore it), it coats and tints the lashes evenly and subtly (Where is my Fake Out?)  and even lifts my lashes a bit when I don't curl my lashes (long story short: I kept sitting on/squashing the curlers that work well so now I just gave up).

 The moist (as in, it doesn't really dry) formula is soluble with the tiniest bit of moisture or oil that means if you have anything like sweat, moisturizer, sunscreen around the eye area, this would give you raccoon eye within 30 minutes. Overall: Do Not Want.

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