Friday, August 02, 2013

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Roll On Perfume

Pacifica has soon became my favorite maker of scented body products, their scents all have been spot-on, somewhat complex without giving me headache. The Tuscan Blood Orange perfume is complimentary to the body butter but the smell is has a little more depth to it. 

A quick sniff by the roller-ball yields some red citrus, berries and a bit of tea (the same as the body butter) but on the skin, a larger glob (well, it's a roller ball so it doesn't get that wet anyway) would give off some alcohol smell (that quickly dissipates) and a sharp note of lemon peels that's a little like furniture polish.
 On my skin, I feel like it warms up and turns a little woody, powdery and even a bit incense like (minus the smoke). The smell is still very pleasant, but now I think I would enjoy it more when the weather is crisper. Anyway, lasting power of this is decent, at least I still notice it on my wrist after a few hours.
 Close-up of the ball with a glimpse of my glamorous outfit of the day: Saggy tank top with athletic shorts. 
A new scent spotted at TJ Maxx - The French Lilac is a mildly powdery (in an young adult kind of way) mixed with fresh lilac petals. It's quite delicate and seems perfect with white blouse and a wavy brown hair put into a bun (at least that's the image that floats up when I sniff the around the opening).
The Tahitian Gardenia was very refreshing, with some spot-on Gardenia (then some jasmine green tea). The only reason that I didn't grab it ASAP was that I wanted a whole set of this. After some searching, it turns out that the whole Tahitian Gardenia collection has solid perfume, soap, bigger spray on perfume and candles, beside that the brand also makes a ton of other scents (like Mango Grapefruit, Persian Rose and Lotus Garden).  I think this is getting really addictive....

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