Monday, August 12, 2013

EOS Limited Edition Balm Set with Fresh Watermelon, Softlips and Jordana

From Target, a limited edition EOS lip balm set with Fresh Watermelon, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry and Summer Fruit
Also LE, Softlips Flavor Fusion balm in Blackberry Lemonade (Have to say, the Metholatum range in China (and Hong Kong, where they have a fun range of lip products and sunscreen with super cute packaging) are way cooler (the Japanese version mostly targets acne care though).
Herbal Essence now has its body wash (Body Burst? They didn't even bother to tweak the name?)

 Smurf body wash
 On Saturday night, I rushed to another Walgreens (to try my luck with the balm stain since it was the last day of the sale. Yes I ended up two of those) and this branch has all the new product stocked up. The 12HR eyeshadow pencil seems a little similar to the Milani one (they belongs to the same company) but the shades are not as complex.
 Some eyeliner pencils
 Lip Shine Natural Glaze (would try the Watermelon Punch someday)
 Best Lash/Volume/Length mascara
 (From CVS) Beside the spot treatment, the Dr. Lin acne care has hydrating gel, cleanser and cleansing pads.

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