Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mid Summer Refreshments

Finally caved in and bought the two Revlon lip butters (Wild Watermelon and Sorbet). Don't they look like jelly?
My haul from Taobao (mostly stationery so I put the pictures in my other blog) courtesy of my cousin. I was thinking about getting some of the Xie Fu Chun (a beauty line that has been around since 1830) but the thing would either break (powder blush in porcelain compact), melt (cream blush) or get my cousin arrested (the white body powder).
Bead (made of natural materials) have always been popular in China but lately, the 108-pieces multi-strand prayer bead has been all the rage among Chinese. I jumped into the bandwagon with a nephrite one. Yay for no-crystal structure and cat-eye effect!
Some Chinese market sightings: My favorite (lightly) alcoholic drinks the Choya plum wine.  When I was a kid, my mom would buy these in box and I just dug up the plums and ate them...
Added on my to-try list. 
A Chinese floral wine (which is pretty good for the 2-3 dollar price tag)
Lychee wine (want!) 
Dried rosebuds (to be used as tea) I am more interested in the jammed version of these flower though.
Sweet olive (the jammed version makes excellent garnish for sweet dumpling and green bean soup).
That Queen magazine (Do you remember that the Blogger/Youtuber Fuzkitte used to talk about this a lot?) Featuring Taiwanese socialite Aimee Sun. She made a minor news on Weibo, where she announced something like "Buy 3000 RMB worth of product in my Taobao store and you get one signed photograph of myself!". 

Most of the replies were along the line of "Urgh...Why would I want that?"
My favorite Chinese periodical when I was a kid.
Lol of the week: Male ballet dancers dancing in tutus. The gender reversed Part II is equally amusing.


  1. Xie Fu Chun makes porcelain compacts??? Even I wouldn't dare depot one of those! If you ever snag some, I'd love to read your reviews :)
    Queen magazine has kind of taken a nosedive lately, don't you think? I haven't bothered picking up one issue for over a year!

    1. I think XFC's only powder blush (in pale blue-pink) only comes in that round porcelain case. The pressed face powder comes in very cheap paper compact (like some physicians formula organic wear makeup back in 2007) and the cream blush are just in a round paper case (old-fashioned Stila). I might ask my cousin to hoard some of those when he goes back for Christmas though...Although I am more into the hair oil and body powder, the kind of stuff that will get confiscated.

  2. LOVE the 2 new Revlon Lip Butters Sorbet and Wild Watermelon. Will need to post my review soon. Urgh, sooooooo behind with some 55 drafts waiting to be posted *head desks*

    LOVE Choya too, especially because the plums at the bottom are crunchy! How do they do that?!? May be you already know this, but there's a popular drink in Tokyo where they mix umeshu with soda water, like a plum wine soda pop and conveniently called 梅酒ソーダ LOL! Try it, and use as much or as little of umeshu as you like. Good stuff! ^.^

    1. Ahh, they don't have it here (so I guess I will try mixing the Choya with ginger-ale). I think Japan would be a heaven for the sissy-alchoholic, I like the booze but I always dilute them with sodas (just not wine)and put of lot of ice and lime. Japanese beer is the only kind I like drinking.

  3. How are the new lip butters? I can't wait for a review :) Which one is your favorite?

    1. I still haven't tried them yet (I have the OCD thing that I have to wait till I have preserved its beauty in photo before deflowering the makeup)I will get it done this weekend and see how it goes...

    2. I know this is random, but I just wanted to ask whether you are Japanese or Chinese, lol. I've been kinda curious since you've shown a mix of both on your blog. I hope you don't mind me asking... :)

    3. Oh, of course I don't mind (I can't even tell East Asian apart myself just). I am Chinese (my mom studied Japanese literature in college and both my parent stayed there for quite a few years for work assignments...I just have some basic/minimal knowledge of the language because they forced me to).


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