Friday, July 05, 2013

Fuchsia Fever- Rimmel Stay All Day Lip Gloss

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Fever is one of the (2 or 3?) shades being sacked off this summer. Being the shopper with no sense whatsoever, I picked it up despite reading a review from a popular blogger. You are probably wondering why I use "despite", given the review was positive. Well, have you have a online makeup soul-mate? Like everything she recommends would work magically on you (even though your skin tone is no quite the same)? 

In my case, the story goes the polar opposite. Our skin tone, type and preference must be so different that every time the blogger raves (with words like OMG! THIS IS F--- AMAZING!)  about something and I happened to try the same thing...I ended up hating it (the first thing that popped out of my mind is the Hard Candy concealer that cakes like top chef and break me out like 4th of July firework. There is also those Milani Baked blushes and some other lipsticks )...So, I must be a masochist having picked this up.
So the wand for the gloss is the same for all the Stay Glossy. It's long, flabby and has just the right amount of stiffness. The gloss's texture is rather slippery (silicone-y, a texture I really hate in gloss) even though there aren't that many smoothing particle (aka shimmer). The gloss is a fuchsia with some blue pearl (not really visible on lips) and somehow, I personally find the particular blend of purple + pink very garish and gaudy but I suppose your mileage may vary.
A thin layer of Fuchsia Fever (which dries down and fades quite quickly) . Forget about the 6 hour swear claim, it barely lasts an hour on me. The gloss has the same cold-cream, soapy kind of scent that some hates (I like it in the Moisture Renew lip gloss but find it a little repulsive here).   

Overall: Hate how the slippery formula feels (it doesn't look bad though) and the color is a little difficult to wear for me (if you have pale skin with prominent yellow undertone, I reckon this would look worse). I am glad that the color is sacked off for good. 
Here is  another (fuller) display of the new 3D licious Stay Glossy Gloss.
I wouldn't mind trying the pink here though (since it's more rosy and less magenta).
The red and orange looks like must haves...


  1. Fuschia is a very you color! Do you have the Revlon lip butter in Sorbet yet? Tippr is doing this Revlon beauty box from Total Beauty that includes the Sorbet lip butter, pink lemonade lip butter, eye shadow quad in Sea Mist, and a nail polish all for $7 with free shipping! It was originally a $14 deal so I think that might be something fun if you want to check it out! (Promise this isn't a spam comment haha!) You can google 'Tippr Revlon' and find the deal really easily!

    1. Thanks for the head-ups! I don't have it and I have been plotting a purchase since(well, forever...but I only saw them in Walgreens and CVS since)this week...That's a great deal! My small worry would be the temperature it has to go through when it's being shipped here...


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