Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Too Faced Sun Shines Lip Gloss & Summer Eyes Shadow Palette Swatches

Swatched I did during the weekends - Too Faced Sun Shine Lip Gloss (for summer 2013, I hope they are not limited edition)are semi-tacky semi-gell-like glosses with decent pigmentation and coconut smell.
I kind of like that there is enough gel-part that it doesn't bubble up on my arm when I left it for more than 10 minutes. Wait, I just realized that even I have so many orange-red lip gloss and lipstick, I don't have a shimmery bright orange gloss!

The new eyeshadow palette is called Summer Sexy Shadow Collection and the shade looks too much like deja-vu.

At least the tin case is really pretty...
The first column is all soft and beige (at least it's not too powdery or matte)
I kind of like plumeria (I recently found out that pink that are not too bold works great as an allover lid shade) and I think I have swatched Coral Crush and Mermaid before (can't forget that teal that turns so muddy on my skin!)
The third column are all creamy and easy to blend (would buy the last shade in single form)

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