Thursday, June 06, 2013

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss in Natural

Natural is the third (and newest shade) in the Physicians Formula pH Match Maker lip gloss range. Given that I like the glassy/tacky formula and anything coral (not to mention the constant PF sale in CVS) so there is no reason to not give the new shade a try.
Beside the utterly useless (well I don't go clubbing) and gimmicky LED lamp on the top, there is also a mirror at the side, nothing special but I like to take pictures of anything reflective. There are around 3ml of product in each tube
Shimmery coral glosses side by side - The Balm Tutti My Frutti, Rimmel All Day Seduction, Sephora Summer Crush and Natural. The pH Match Maker natural is actually a sheer yellowish tangerine at first, but after some staying on the lips, the color-changing pigments (according to my "personal pH" the thing always turns hot pink) along with the yellow-gold creates a lovely balanced shimmery melon.
Lip swatch of Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss in Natural. It's seems that this particular formula they make it a little diluted that the pink is no longer in-your-face and the texture is a little runnier. The texture is not as thick/glassy but it still retain that dead-skin soaking and line-filling functions.

Overall: A very lovely summer coral (wait, I might be saying that for 80% of the coral I have reviewed...) and quite a bargain for the sale price (around 1-3 dollars. The brand is currently on sale again in CVS, giving 7 extra bucks per 10-dollar purchase).

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  1. I'm surprised they call it "natural" when it's an orange-y coral


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