Sunday, June 02, 2013

I Can Has Beret (and Hyperthermia)

  Remember how I was complaining about the absence of decent yarn (99% of the yarn in Michael's are made of chemical fiber) in my last Saturday Snap post? It turns out that such thing (yarn store) actually exists down here (where summer takes up 75% of the year, I am literally getting slow-cooked as I am typing this) and it's right across from Michael's (less than 5 minutes away from where I live, by bike). 

Anyway, I found the store while I was getting other business done and I noticed the small sign. Of course I had to approach to make sure it's a "Yarn" store not a "Yard" store, because many years ago, a friend and I once mistook a body shop for The Body Shop...
 I knew I was at the right place when I spotted...Look it's Kate's beret!  It's a really popular pattern at Ravelry...Maybe I should join the bandwagon once I did some practice run (never knitted any hat and I suck at counting) and find the perfect fuzzy lavender/periwinkle yarn.
The patterned one which I kind of like (already forgot the name...I am blessed with flash memory as it only takes a few seconds for me to forget something I just read/heard) 
Totally want this one. According to the label, the pattern for this is also available at Ravelry (for free)  but of course I had to forget the name...
Not my cup of tea but I suppose it would work well as a traffic cone if bike at areas with no bike lane.
A gray-teal shawl and some cute alpaca-silk blend yarn (which I will indulge later, I already have my eyes on the burgundy and the purple). 
This Lotus Yarn Mimi (100% mink) has my name written allover it, well Mimi is the diminutive of my name...The yarn is kind of expensive at almost $30 per skein though...
Rainbow of wool yarn. Anyway, I walked home with a skein of 87% alpaca (I got it partially because the animal's name in Chinese is a mild profanity = = ....) yarn. 

Since I was in that plaza, I also hopped into Michael's trying to see if they have stuff on sale (nope, clearance season already ended). But I spotted some cute knitting/crochet books.
Animal Hats. Can they have something a little more toned-down? (I want one for daily wear...)
Granny Square Book 
Then I got distracted by the macarons (I have actually never seen a macaron in real life. Yeah, there is a French bakery here but I always clear out my wallet at the pen store near by. So, no penny left for the sweets...)


  1. Cute!!! I want the black and white and green snowflake pattern ones ^.^

    1. I think I will give the green one a try once I find the right yarn combo...As for the black/white, it will probably look like a yamaka on me so I will pass.


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