Friday, June 21, 2013

Flame - Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm (around 8 bucks in CVS and currently 75% off) was released a little earlier than the famed "kissable" version, instead of having the stain and balm fused into one product, this features a marker pen on one side and a clear stick balm on the other.
The marker tip is rounded, big (enough that I don't feel like wasting me life trying draw my lips) and inky, it deposits a generous layer of color (that also cling exceptionally well on flakes) and (as with most other lip stain) seems a little drying on me. The balm (which just pokes out without a retracting mechanism)is emollient and not to waxy. The kind of product that normally don't do much on my skin but when used on top of the stain, it managed to make the wear much more comfortable (without washing off the stain).
Flame looks orange-red on the tip but a good deal of fuchsia got picked up as soon as it's applied on the lips (and it just turns cooler as it's worn). I normally get annoyed by orange-red lipstick with a strong cherry (which just seems like an trashier version of fuchsia) but really dig this particular shade. The color looks like the garment worn by Frida Kahlo (aka. my brow twin *cries*).
Flame with the clear balm on top. On a properly exfoliated (when I say exfoliate, I mean I used a bunch of sticky gloss to soak off the dead skin beforehand) lips, the color stays vibrant and fresh for 5 hours and it pretty much lasts the whole day. It's a little high-maintenance and requires some commitment (since I have to drink so often now it's hot, I am not complaining about it!)

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