Friday, June 28, 2013

Flakie Friday - Essie Shine of the Times & elf Pixie Dust

 We all know what prismatic flakie polish is so let me just get to the topic. Essie Shine of the Times ($8) was released as a Holiday 2011 collection and later added to the permanent range, I got it early 2012 (when the slew of different flakie has yet to hit drugstore). The elf one was previously available as a set (with square bottles) but now they released those shades individually and each of them is only 2 bucks (The name is marked nowhere on the bottle but according to my receipt, the name is Pixie Dust).
 They look similar in the bottles, elf appear to be chunkier mainly because there aren't many flakes floating around...Essie is packed with the prismatic goodness. The bases of the two are in the same, gel-like consistency.
 elf Pixie Dust on pinkie (one swipe only) and middle finger, Essie Shine of the Time on ring and index fingers. Beside the noticeable less flakie density (of elf...Which can be compensated by layering), the two are more or less the same so you are not missing out much by going for the cheaper option. I think I will try the a jelly sandwich with it next time!
Bring on the scarab-shine. The base is an old-but-goodie, China Glaze Let's Groove.

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