Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tweezerman Fresh & Fruity Tweezer and Drugstore Skincare

Another collective spy cam post - First there is Tweezerman Fresh & Fruit Mini Slant Tweezers from ULTA. I like the strawberry one!
CVS - Essence of Beauty makeup sponge and 2-in-1 powder Blender Brush
Aveeno Clear Complexion cleansers & moisturizers (and a BB cream)
From Target - L'Oreal  Ideal Moisture 48 Hr hydration  day cream and Ideal Clean gel cleanser
Ideal Moisture Even Tone Cream
Ideal Clean wipe
Physicians formula Expresion Line Freeze
Ultra Rich Restoring Cream, Radiance Restoring Skin Brightener and what looks like a serum
Wrinkle repair and laser resurfacing serum
Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System (from Walgreens)

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