Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter Smooth & Raspberry Rose Kiss

Nivea Lip Butter is the newly released (sort of, since it just made it to US this spring) potted balm, being a lover for Nivea lip products and tin container, this seemed like a must at first. Anyway, I picked up two, the bland one Smooth Kiss (because I like how the blue looks) and the Raspberry Rose Kiss (because I heard that it smells yummy).
Smooth Kiss is supposedly scent-free, but I can sniffed a bit bland candle out if it (it's strange since it's not wax based), the smell is slightly chemical but too weak to be bothersome. The balm has a gel-like surface and a cream-like consistency so it gets disturbed as soon as you dip your fingers in it. The softer texture also means that it's looks messy (more so than wax-petrolatum based balm like Smith Salve) if you use your finger to apply.
Raspberry Rose Kiss seems a little creamier and the smell is rather pleasant, like a berry-cream swirly candy or raspberry flavored yogurt. Both of the two leave a nice, light-weight layer on the lips with some soothing quality. An invisible layer won't do much and when you dig enough product to cover the whole lips, it inevitably left some white cast.
Here is the Raspberry Rose Kiss, looking like a pale pink gloss (something I don't care for). Thanks to the wetness of the product, it seems rather soothing and water-like (duh...I mean it has the ability to soak off the dead skin and make them easier to remove) but it's also get rubbed off easily so it's not that great as an night time lip mask. As for day time wear, you know about the white cast and the sticky-finger-factor already.
  The ingredient list of the original and raspberry rose - the only different would be Flavor and Red 7

Overall: I like the Raspberry Rose kiss, mainly for the packaging and the smell. The product itself is decent (more effective than all the wax-based balm I have tried) but it seems that would be more convenient and efficient for me to just use a clear or light color gloss over night, as they stick on my lips better and create no mess.

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  1. I'm crazy for lip balms. Have much more than I need. Those look cool, if they come to Brazil I'll try one.


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