Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette/Octet in Sunbaked Neutrals is my third (and certainly not last) nude palette from the brand. The palette features 2 greens (which I don't care for, despite it's my favorite color) and six neutrals shades (which I am loving more and more, as I am getting boring) which seems rather foolproof. 

The shade from left to right: 1. Caramel beige infused with small shimmer (perfect as a in-between blending shade or creating subtle depth).  2. Matte medium brown with shimmer (that is only visible on the pan) which should work well as lid/crease shade and a brow color. 3. Golden Copper Beige. 4. A shimmery pale sage.
(Those are not the real name of the shades. It's just that the picture seems bland and I am OCD...) Bottom row: 1. A dark shimmery chocolate brown with small golden shimmer. 2. Brownish copper with chunky glitter bit. 3. A chalky shimmery white that looks rather natural (as a highlighter) once blended. 4. A deep mossy green. 
Beside the two greens, which are both kind of shimmery in a frosty way. The each of the rest has a unique finish so I am pretty comfortable wearing several of the six, without feeling overwhelmed. My three favorite shades are the Expresso (chocolaty liner) , Copper (just feel very sunny and bronzed-up) and fudge (a rather neutral and classy for the eye socket).
  A neutral everyday sort of smokey eyes. Not sure what I did exactly, I think it's just deepest shade close to lashline then goes lighter as I approach the brow bone, then I used some of the white on the lower tear duct areas. (Yeah, it just kind of disappears when I open my eyes)

Overall: For the price (6.5 at Target and 10 at CVS ), it's a very wearable palette for every day. It seems that the four shades of the left are exactly the same thing as Maybelline Chai Latte quad so I will go for that instead when I run out of this. 


  1. cool pallete, there's a drugstore selling them near my house but I bought that chinese palette with 168 colors (all really pigmented) so I'll just avoid getting more eyeshadows cause I will end up not using them.
    btw, The sunshine color is really beautiful.

    1. I think the thing with those multi-pan shadow is that they are all in the same finish. For my eye type it's really hard to create dimension with that kind of finish only...Of course I also get overwhelmed when there are more than a few shades (I stick with singles most of the time).

  2. mine has matte, frost and shimmer shades so it's really a lovely toy!

  3. i do love this palette so much! i think these 8 pen palettes are such value for money but i have not seen many with colours as inviting as the sunbaked neutrals.

    1. I actually much prefer the older format for the Chai Latte (where all the pan are of equal size, now they make one with the matte beige the biggest because it's a lid color)where all the pans are kind of big and it's a little cheaper. This 8 pans is one of the nicer one though. I used to hate buying palette because I only ended up using one of the three/four shades.


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