Friday, April 12, 2013

Pixi Eye Color Cube, Tinted Lip Balm, Bronzer & Eye Quartette Swatches

 I sneaked in Target yesterday afternoon and a lot of new Pixi products (of course, I managed to swatch most of the available testers) and first there are some products that are set aside, so I suppose they are the spring 2013 collection.
 Pixi Eyeshadow Eye Glow Cube - with several beautiful and interesting neutrals. There is no tester for this though.
Tinted Glossy Balm (which shows up brighter and pinker than the stick) and beauty bronzer in Summertime with kabuki brush (it looks really dark but the color goes on very lightly so it's essentially the same color as the lighter shades of this bronzer) 
 Some highlighting eyeliner and a coppery brown (I swatched it with the rest of pencil liner, will post swatches once I finish sorting them out) endless silky eye pencil. Maybe the formula is new but the formula seems much smoother and longer-lasting on the arm.
New-looking Shade Quartette eyeshadow palette that all look boring in the pan (I only see the testers for two of them)
 Shades of Day Light - Looks bland in the pan but I like the slight coppery rose and the whole palette seems very work (or no-makeup-look) friendly.
Shades of Taupe Palette was a little bleh (I mean, the shimmery taupe is nice, more charcoal than most other taupes). The powder seems a little chalky and powdery and they rub right off the arm. They are pretty but not worth the 22-dollar price tag.

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