Sunday, April 07, 2013

NYX Natural Chic Collection Eyeliner Swatches

Spotted at ULTA several weeks ago - NYX Natural Collection is a range of brown eyeliner and a neutral palette. Most of the eyeliner are easily to use and seem very smooth on the inner arm. lasting power is a little less than ideal but they do leave a bit of a stain once wiped away (so I guess at least they don't just dissappear into the thin air).
Even though the eyeliner are all different, the pencils look more or less the same with different amount of sheen (the matte is a little drier and less pigmented and the liquid is more sepia than brown). I am not sure what's the point of the powdered one (given it gets rubbed off right away) but I suppose it can be used to blend and smudge the pencils.

The eyeshadow palette seems sheer and chalky (the second shimmery shade is the only one that kind of show up on my arm) and has no adherence whatsoever. But if they sell the second shade alone, it should make a very pretty allover wash.

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