Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Maybelline Caffeine Rush Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow

A short review of one of my favorite eyeshadow purchases of last year - Maybelline Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow in Caffeine Rush. The range of shadow was first released back in summer 2011, and at 10-dollar a piece, the price was pretty intimidating (Yes, I am that cheap) until last summer, when CVS printed out few coupons at the right time ...

Caffeine Rush is a quint with five shades of neutral - A golden flakie top-coat/highlighter, semi-matte/satin white (allover wash or brow bone highlight), a golden caramel, a shimmery neutral (to slightly taupe) brown and a shimmery taupe. Even though the palette is predominately shimmery, the various sizes and type of glitter/flecks gives it a various depths, instead of being frosty/satiny allover.
Beside the lovely colors (love that they are not too orange or red) the texture is also very nice, all of them are pigmented (even the golden glittery one gives a nice, even wash of blings), silky and easy to blend so I get a nice thin (but bold) wash of color without too much crust or fall-out. As for powder shadow, it get wipes off easily without a primer.
 Swatch of Maybelline Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow - For a person who get overwhelmed by choices (that's why I much prefer eyeshadow single), it's actually very easy come up with a subtle but flattering look with these five shades (and there really are quite a few looks you can come up with...). For my lazy time, I just like to use the caramel all over lids for a subtle sunkissed look/depth or layer the glitter one allover a cream shadow.

Overall: I am totally in love with the palette (more like Maybelline eyeshadow in general) and I just went back for 2 more color tattoo and a palette since there is a small Maybelline sale in CVS this week (buy 15 dollars gets 5 dollars extra bucks, plus the coupon machine is printing out 1-dollar off Maybelline product everyday this week).

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