Thursday, February 14, 2013

Physicians Formula New pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss, Airbrushing Blush

 So I was at CVS trying to take advantage of the half off sale (apparently, this CVS doesn't participate in it) and saw a new stand alone display for Physicians Formula, as well as some (more!) new products.
The pH Match Maker Lip Gloss now has a peachy version called natural - I really like the glassy/thick texture (it really fills the lip line and soak off dead skin) but even the lighter pink turns crazy magenta after an hour of wear...
Two Mineral Wear Airbrushing Blush in Natural and Pink - I might go for the one in Natural
Mineral wear correcting bronzer


  1. I'd love to try out more Physicians Formula stuff but the price point really turns me off. The only thing I've really found worth the price from them is the Lash Booster liner in very black. Around $12 but has a high end feel. And is it just me or are a lot of their products really gimmicky??

    1. They are but the gimmicks are what seal the deal it for me (I suppose I just like to fall for cute and useless features). I suppose you don't live close to a CVS, because the brand is constantly on sale in CVS (5-7 dollars off, buy 10 bucks worth and get 7 extra bucks and then last week there was a half off sale in same branches). I ended up with many of those products that I don't need last year due to the sales, and many of them made it to my least favorite list...


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