Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish & Dress, Studio 35 Beauty Brushes and Nail Applique

Spotted at Walgreens - Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish
Coloe Gel, Base, Top, Prep and Cleanser Gel
What seem to be new prints for the nail dress
Luxury Nail Kit (aka cheap-looking plastic nail)
Studio 35 Beauty now has some interesting-looking duo-sided makeup brushes
Fashion nail foil 
Fashion 3D nail appliques and nail gel
Not sure if I posted these or not, the new coppery ferrule of ecotool brushes

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  1. Excited about those gel polishes from Kiss! Pretty colors and for $11 the bottles don't look teeny teeny tiny like the Sensationail or Sally Hansen ones!


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