Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carmex Moisture Plus Tinted Lip Balm in Peach, Pink and Clear

I went back for more of these Carmex Moisture Plus Tinted Lip Balm as I was really happy with my initial purchase and in terms of texture, smell and wear. The three new shades are totally consistent with what I got: Soft, buttery, moisturizing and never sticky, the scent (combo of cake batter and a bit Carmex) is also strangely comforting.
Peach Tint (sorry for the lint) is a warm coral. Pink Tint is a cool, almost Barbie pink and clear just leaves some moisture and a bit of sheen. The lasting power of these are not great (around 1-2 hours) but it's expected for soft, balmy products that actually moisturize. I mean, I have so many products around so it's more convenient to have something that I can actually reapply/use up.
Swatches of the four I own: Clear, Peach, Berry and Pink. The red/most pigmented one I got seem to be discontinued already.
The Pink Tint is a little lighter that my natural lip color so it leave a tad bit of off white cast. The soft pink is a nice look but I personally prefer something brighter.

The Peach Tint just give a warm coral tint on the lip (very flattering by itself but it looks more peachy in this picture). Overall: I love everything about these (ok, they packaging is bland and the label are easily peelable, but who cares when they are so cheap) and they are perfect item to toss into a messy bag.

P.S. Before 2/22/2013 is over. Happy Birthday to my favorite composer ever, Frederic Chopin!


  1. I like these tints quite a bit too but I haven't seen the newer shades (Berry & Plum?) in stores at all!

    1. I remember seeing plum before and I was under the impression that they are older/phased out shades, since I manage to get the sheer berry tint from CVS 50% off last summer.


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