Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm

Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm is marketed as a gentle plumping balm with a bit of shimmer and tint for subtle enhancement, not unlike the Clarins Instant Light Lip perfecter, where they copied the tube design from. I should have expected this (from the brand who always name their glosses as "lip treatments") but it turns out to be a mildly sticky clear gloss with fine golden flake-like shimmer. 

The squeeze gloss contains a generous 9g of products and its applicator is a built-in black brush attached to the opening, not my favorite but I will deal with it. There is a medium baked sweet scent that's quite familiar (if not identical to the Gentle Lip Plumping Treatment that was discontinued 3 years ago) and rather pleasant and the gloss has a somewhat runny and serum-like texture.
pink lip gloss swatch
Even though the Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm looks clear, it turns into a bright (but tamer than most color-changing gloss I have tried) cool pink within half a minute (and deepens a little as times goes on). It does condition a little bit and manage to fill in all the fine line...When I have a decent-lips day.  
Basically it's a 2-fold diluted version of the Gentle Lip Plumping Treatment plus some tint and golden flakies: Even though it seems to have the same sort of ingredients, the conditioning/filling effect becomes much less potent and the wear time is greatly reduced. On cooler days, this locks in the moisture but doesn't instantly fill up parched-up lips and it dries down to a sticky film within half an hour. 

Overall: It's decent pink gloss for the sale price (I got it from Walgreens 75% off the normal 10-buck retail price). I am just a little annoyed that company would discontinue some great product then re-release the same thing in a less substantial form...Anyway, this is also discontinued anyway (According to their site, to make space for some Clinique-chubby-stick lookalike that every brand drugstore brand is making...Plus some other lip balms). 

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