Friday, January 25, 2013

Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner in Graphite

Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner is a pencil liner with some lash growth benefit, some of them are on clearance at CVS and can be found at Big Lots for around 3 bucks. I picked up graphite (deep shimmery charcoal) as a filler item a few weeks ago.
The pencil is very rich in pigment and creamy in texture, I get a nice line with no poking or tugging involved. The formula is just like those higher end ones, it looks wet as it's applied but dries to a relatively budge-proof state (if you put some effort into rubbing it, the a good chunk of it will still come off). With my hooded (they are like mono-lid, with the added benefit of eating away all the eye-makeup I apply) and oily lids, it flakes off very quickly and left and trail of charcoal crumbs under my eyes.

Overall: Didn't work for me (most eyeliners don't...) but it's still worth trying for other people though.


  1. I'm warm-toned and I think this might look good on me.(i think?) Will give it a try when my current eyeliners expire. BTW are you still using the same camera? You pictures are always good but this one looks even better.

    1. You mean the swatches or the product picture? For product pictures/ glamour shots, I have been using a Sony A390, which is a DSLR, since mid-2011. And for the swatches, it has always been the point-and-shoot Sony H20 (since late 2009). I just tilt my arm a little to show the depth.

    2. I mean the product picture. I see, i kind of wonder how did u manage to get a pic like that with a point&shoot camera.


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