Tuesday, January 01, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain & Colour Riche Eyeshadow

Spotted at CVS - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain is here earlier than what I expected
Pink Perservance, Pink Resistance, Rose On and On, Lilac Ever After, Berry Persistent, Infinite Fuchsia
Coral Tattoo, Pink Rebellion, Endless Red, Stubborn Plum, Everlasting Caramel and Eternally Nude
 A bigger display of the Colour Riche Eyeshadow display at CVS (the below picture is from ULTA)
Some of the shades totally reminds me of some older Milani quad (that I never bothered to review as they are so chalky and bland).
I am too lazy to list the name here (you will see them online or when you buy in store anyway) so ...Happy new year everyone (Let's hope we are all getting better in self-control and cutting back pointless purchases...These palettes certainly help. lol)!


  1. I have To try the glosses:)))


  2. i haven't tried much loreal products but only their infallible eye shadows! i should try more products from them :)

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