Saturday, December 01, 2012

Satina Brush Set, EOS Alice in Wonder Land, Revlon Eterna 27

 Random sightings at Walgreens - The Satina Professional (yeah, right) cosmetic brush set
 EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm set (with the Mickey Mouse print...) Too bad I don't even like it enough to even buy single one at full price...
Revlon now has a mini skincare called Eterna 27 moisture cream with Progenetin
Some random gift sets from Hoof and The Color Workshop
Now comes Big Lots - Tiara style-on nail
Profusiom Halo Palette
Crabtree and Evelyn soap (smells pretty good) that are a dollar a piece, they are tiny though.
 Mexican Coke - with cane sugar and stuff like that. Even though I call myself a coke-addict, I actually mean that I love Pepsi so this doesn't concern me.

Jarrintos orange soda...Do want...

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