Monday, December 03, 2012

Revlon Mint Gelato Scented Nail Enamel

Mint Gelato is one of the polishes from Revlon's Summer 2012 Scented Treat collection -  It's a semi-creamy mint green jelly that's a little hard to work with during summer time, as it got squished easily and always had some bubbles. I dug it out as it's getting cooler (actually, it was freaking 85 degrees yesterday) and now it works fine. 

As expected with jelly, 3 coats gave me an even layer (but not full opacity) that's already a little hard to dry but I didn't get too many marks on it. The scent (which is a hit or miss with Revlon...I remember there was a pearly coconut from 2009 that gave me headache for days) was actually really yummy and spot-on. Just like the gelato they sell in Whole Food.


  1. Super gorgeous shade! My Revlon polish collection has been increasing as I love the various colors/shades they offer! I hope to see this one available here!

  2. Ooh! You're right, the season difference must really help that polish because it looks so smooth and flawless!

    1. If my memory serves, some other Revlon polish I have wouldn't even work in the death of winter...But this one is lovely overall (even the smell is delightful).

  3. Sinful Colors in Mint Apple is really similar to this shade, how interesting. I love all the Revlon polishes I've tried


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