Saturday, December 29, 2012

Garnier Soothing Refreshing Wipes, Radiance Renewer Cleanser

Spotted at CVS - A new display of cleansing towelette and Radiance Renewer Cleansing Gelee. It's probably just a spin-off of their older gel cleanser (which smelled good but was nothing special).
Garnier Soothing Remover, Refreshing Remover 
Old Target sighting picture that I forgot to post - Iman Time Control Skincare collection. They are somewhat on the pricier side for drugstore products and I can't find the country of origin of these. I know that their makeup are made in Taiwan (or maybe mainland China).
A prettier brown barrel for the Ecotool Retractable Kabuki Brush...Hmmm, maybe I need another portable brush for powder blush.

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