Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Tiger Lily

It has been (almost exactly ) 2 years since Burt's Bees released the range of  100% natural tinted lip balm and I have never given it much though (or a second look), simply because...7 bucks for a tube of Burt's Bees lip balm, are you kidding me? Fast forward to this Thanksgiving, I spotted one of the shades Tiger Lily on clearance at 75% off so I reckon it's cheap enough to give it a try. If all things fail, all I have to lose are just 2 (big) bottles of soda anyway...
The tinted lip balm is housed in a chubby (and misleading, because I seriously though I was getting a jumbo balm)  tube made of cardboard. A lot of these so-called "Environmental conscious" brands (another one would be Physicians Formulas) seem to be fan of this kind of unnecessary (sometime cute and sometime not) packaging. I like the design so I will be keeping it...until I accidentally squash it some day. 
Tiger Lily is a medium peach with no shimmer, there is a bubble gum scent (the same scent their acai berry lip balm has, which is not my cup of tea but tolerable) and a smooth, buttery texture that glides better than most other Burt's Bees lip balm. It's rather comfortable on the lip but I personally don't find it moisturizing or drying. (But I guess it does feel good when my lips aren't dried out). 
 Beside a sheen, the shade Tiger Lily leaves a faint layer of tint that's only noticeable when I actively look for it.  The sheen itself disappears quickly, leaving a semi-sticky wax film, which might prevent further evaporation of moisture.
On the lips Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Tiger Lily gives a tad bit of warmth (which doesn't look out of place at all with my purple lip color) and just a bit of opacity. The shade is little skin-brightening and refreshing on the colder days. It indeed functions well as a lip balm with just a bit of tint (however sheer that is) and it's unique in its own way since some other tinted lip balm can be too pigmented (when I wear them with a bare face).
 Tiger Lily as a base for Revlon (long discontinued) Beyond Natural Lip Tint in Rosy(It has been more than 3 years and I still love it, now I wish I have purchased more shades back then). 

Overall: For a 1.7-dollar product, it looks nice and natural and feels rather comfortable (for a stick balm) and can double as a natural sheering base for other lip color...I guess it's wasn't a bad buy. If I were to buy it at full price (which I won't. Burt's Bees never goes on sale anyway), Revlon Lip Butter seems to be a much better choice (neither is moisturizing but at least you are getting pretty color selection/tube with the lip butter).

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