Saturday, November 03, 2012

Physicians Formula Concealer Twin

A few months ago Physicians Formula was on a 7-dollars-off everything-that's-more-than-7- bucks sale so I picked up this Concealer (fraternal) Twin, with a green side to correct the redness and a typical beige side to do the usual concealing. There are 6.8 grams of product in the whole thing, a little more than the Maybelline Age rewind concealer/highlighter duo (2.7g on each side).

The green side of the concealer is more of a minty green paste. There is not much redness on my face but I could use it on top of partially healed wound (from scab-picking). Anyway,  I am not sure how the color theory works (since my skin tone enhances both the blue and bright orange in lip/cheek products) but this stuff turns cement gray on my face...
The beige side, not too yellow or pink, was actually usable. The formula is concentrated (but not thick and creamy yet) and easy to blend. It cover mild-to-medium pigmentation well, without flaking or caking\. On drier parts of the skin, it tend to adhere to the side of flakes and make them stand out a little. Overall: For a little under 2 bucks, at least the beige part is usable.

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