Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Milani Crystal Lip Gloss in Fruit Punch

Milani Crystal Gloss for Lips (where else?) has been around forever but the line didn't intrigue me until this spring (when they released a bright pink and a coral). Anyway, the small bullet-shaped tube contains around 5ml of gloss with a serum (or runny syrup kind of) texture that's not unlike their LE Creme Brulip color gloss. Despite the bold color in the tube and the non-watery/jelly texture, it applies rather sheer and is quite difficult to build up.

Fruit Punch, Bobbi Brown Rose, Physcians Formula pH Matchmaker gloss in Pink and Revlon Power Walk Pink. Fruit Punch, compared to true fuchsia, Fruit Punch does have quite a bit of warmth, so I guess it's just a slighly cool sister of punchy pink/pink-coral. I guess there is nothing wrong with the shade, but I personally don't like punchy pink that are sheer...
Milani Crystal Lip Gloss in Fruit Punch - The color doesn't really last too long (it's somewhat sheer to start with) but the stickiness and its associated moisture blocking property stays intact for four hours. Overall: Meh for 5 bucks...I guess I would have liked it if it were more opaque (Actually, I don't mind a shimmer-free red in this formula).
If you want to get these - Selected Walgreens is having this on clearance for half off (Hah, I successfully resisted from buying the coral shade) along with that glittery lip pencil I forgot the name of.


  1. I remember trying these a while back... The one I got smelled terrible, very plasticky with a slight hint of sweetness


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