Friday, November 02, 2012

L'Oreal Diamond Collection, Ecotool Six Piece Brush and Holiday Sets

My Walgreens has two separate displays for the L'Oreal Diamond Collections, the second one contains nail strips, more nail color (an generally nothing too new-looking).
Ecotool Six Pieces Day to Night set, spotted at both Target and Ulta, contains (five brushes and a clutch) , which seems like a good gift.

Twin Sets from Maybelline and Covergirl - Which are not necessarily that much cheaper from buying them separately.
Terry Richards Gem Handle Makeup Brush for 4.99
City Color lip gloss and Color Work Shop mascara set (they look like markers)
Starlight Body Glitter
These are from CVS - Color Theory 21 Piece Salon Nail Collection
Eyes and Lips set
Eyes Lips Cheek Nail Mega Set - I actually really like how the red palette looks
46 piece professional makeup palette

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  1. Enjoy your drugstore photos very much! The Color Therapy palettes look inspired by Dior quints. The Eco Tools brushes also look slightly different from their earlier ones.


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