Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iman Cosmetics at Super Target

I have heard about Iman's cosmetics a few times in the past but I have only seen it in action recently, in a Super Target.  Judging from the display poster, it's designed for...women that are not white ( Why limit the brand though? I thought everybody can use a richly pigmented deep lipstick/eyeshadow).
First there are the Luxury Lip Shimmer (I wound't mind trying the red one if it ever goes on sale...which is like saying never...) All of their makeup are a little on the expensive side (for drugstore brand), having the same price range (if not higher) as Sonia Kashuk.

Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick
Luxury Blushing Powder
Radiance Liquid makeup - Which seems really dark.
Eyeshadow singles - I like Safari and Pewter! (Ok there are more shades but I forgot to take pictures)
Concealer, foundation and loose powder...


  1. I hear a lot of good things about IMAN makeup; would love to check it out some time! Too bad about the pricing.

  2. If you knew anything about IMAN's brand it would be why she only sells foundation to non-white women. Iman is one of the handful of brands that sell to women of color. On top of that her makeup is really hard to find. Women of color have a really hard time finding makeup for them. You should know that. Other brands only offer women of color 2-4 shades of brown and that isn't going to cut it. There are a million brands out there for white women, and women with lighter skin. If she was to start selling foundation to white women then the brand would end up focusing too much attention on them like other companies do.

    As far as the color cosmetics go in her line you can have at it. Anyone can buy her lipstick, eyeshadow, gloss, blush, and etc. You will notice though that the colors are way more pigmented, and milled better than other brands so it can show up on darker skin.

    As far as the pricing goes. It't worth it IMAN used to be a dept. store brand and they are trying to keep up with the product's integrity. I hate it when women are quick to buy MAC and Sephora, but look at Iman's brand sideways.

    1. Oh, I wasn't really complaining about their limited shade selection. I just thought it's funny that they only put black, Indian (or Latina?) and Asian girl in the display poster when in fact...Many white girl are tanner darker than some Asian/African American/Indian/Latina (with the sun-worshipping and tanning culture)and a good deal of women of color are indeed quite pale.

      I suppose the Iman makeup range was simply catering to deeper skin colors but somehow it just got turned a little racial with the specific choice of models.

    2. I have to agree with VoiceofReason. This reminds me of when earlier this year Revlon did not release their darker shades of the whipped creme makeup because they did not feel those women's opinions were not as valuable as lighter skinned women's when first releasing the make up nationwide. For at least the first two months many darker women complained that Revlon would not release it, despite the fact that it was the shade that Halle Berry was using the ads. It was offensive and ignorant at best.

      Furthermore, many companies only release lights and mediums (garnier) or their darks aren't very dark at all. For example, many BB creams do not have options for darker women, which is why the maybelline BB cream was a big deal because they offered a dark enough shade that catered to women who are often purposefully ignored (see Revlon!) by the beauty industry.

  3. Why is it suddenly racist when no white model is being used and not racist when it's just ONE white model?? Genuinely confused about your confusion ("simply catering to deeper skin colors"). I think the range is just fulfilling a hole (a mighty big one at that) that the cosmetics industry hasn't really focused on. You seem to be the one who got racial. And I think you know you've been schooled by VoiceofReason.

  4. Dear Whiny Pussy (aka nameless commenter):

    There are indeed Caucasian-looking girl is both Iman cosmetic's website and its tumblr page. I suppose it's indeed a brand that focus on deeper skin tone rather than race. I am allowed to be little surprised that they decide to leave her out of the makeup display, right(Even though you sure think otherwise)?

    I have let you voice your opinion and I didn't have any disagreement from what all of you have said. Why can't you just leave my very own opinion the way it is (instead of hiding behind an anonymous mask and making accusatory remarks)? I have never said it was racist so please don't force your idea onto me.

    I believe that your cases is called persecutory delusion so please stop being sensitive and go play victim somewhere else.


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