Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Heart Fall Tag

Can you still like fall when it kind of...doesn't exist? In my life, it never does because it was pretty much summer all year round (with a brief wintery interruption) in south Canton, then in Toronto it seemed like winter just butted in as soon as summer ends...In Texas, it's pretty much the same as Canton.  Yup, I am wearing tank top as I am typing this. Anyway, I saw this tag over at Lil Lady's Life and I just went ahead and tagged myself since it looks fun.

1. Favorite fall lip product?
Same old same old.  I am still wearing sheer red and coral (I pretty much ditched berry kind of shade since it looks too strong with my fall coloring) like Carmex Sheer Berry lip balm, Revlon Rendezvous Balm Stain, theBalm Tutti my Frutti lip gloss and random lip butter (I am trying to use them up and keep the tube to decant other lipsticks).

2. Favorite fall nail polish?
Dusty taupe, purple shades like Sinful Colors Muse, Rimmel Steel Gray and 10 professional Show Time. Just FYI, I did try coloring these but my shitty water coloring ruined the whole thing = = ....

Milani Flamboyant in Purple (LE from fall 2009) - another one of my cooler weather favorites

3. Favorite Starbucks fall drink?
I don't go to Starbucks (or drink coffee, for that matter), only been there once to buy my friend a cup (because she cleaned up my room while I was a work...Of course I just had to mess the whole thing up in 3 days). I have been drinking water a lot and eating Spanish persimmons...As any Asian mother would tell you, "It will help you poop".

4. Favorite fall candle?

None, Candle + Me = Fire Hazard. I only use them when I am sealing frays (on the nylon thread in DIY projects).

5. Favorite fall scarf or accessory.
 Scarf? Hello, hyperthermia? Anyway, I do have a few new jade pieces that I will make into a charm (yes, it's a Chinese thing) for my fountain pen case, which doesn't even exist at this moment since I don't own anything that's expensive enough to need a case for.I also I have doll (made by friend) in the popular FW 12 color burgundy, you will see it photobombing some of my later pictures.

Not really an accessory but I have been really enjoying using Lamy Turquoise Ink (8.5 bucks at Amazon including first class shipping. The seller is based in Maryland btw)  - It just reminds me of the sky on a high- pressure low-temperature day.

6. Favorite Halloween movie?
Does The Shining count? If not, I will just go with Hocus Pocus (since it's actually contextual compared to most other one Disney Channel aired). My all time favorite horror film is Stephen Chow's  After the Dark. 

Here is an excerpt of the film - Stephen Chow teaches you how to concur fear.  With English subtitle and Mandarin/Cantonese sound tracks playing...simultaneously.

(He like to make reference to Western blockbusters in his film and in this one, he (and the female leads) dresses like Jean Reno and Natalie Portman in The Professional ( I messed up the glasses part in the drawing though, the frame is supposed to be round) . Yes, the character he plays, a ghost expert, is name Leon. The plot is completely unrelated...

7. Favorite Halloween Candy? 
Maybe Airheads, but the Halloween pack is making me hating it. Instead of even distribution of flavors, 80% of pack is cherry flavored. Is that supposed to be a prop for long bloody tongue?

8. What is your favorite thing about fall?
No more annoying tan line or wet camera neck straps (soaked by sweat...eww)

Ok, that's it for the tag. The picture was done with an Apple Green Lamy Safari with Extra Fine nib (which took me 3 months to break in), and Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink. Oh, I reckon since I have hauled so many stationery, I might as well start a new blog about it. 


  1. Your art is so good! I think that lip butter drawing is actually really accurate!

    1. Thanks(haven't heard compliment like that since 10th grade, haha), the lid/base ratio was off though (as soon as I was finished I was like "Oh snap...".


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