Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Candies - Special Spy Cam

Back in Monday, I was waiting for the bus so I snuck in CVS and took some pictures of their candy offering. They are nothing new but I like to buy the tins for storage purposes. 
M & Ms Christmas Tree Ornaments
The seasonal Gift Tins - Nothing special this winter.
Wrigley's Spearment and Juicy Fruit Gum (wow, I don't think I have seen these for 10 years) - Their gum was pretty popular in China that there was even a prank toy made to look like it, basically you pull out one piece of gum that's conveniently leaning out, the next thing you know is that a string-action realistic-looking cockroach is snapping right onto your thumb...It gave our Chinese teacher some serious trust issue that she no-longer accepted cough drops offer by students...
Twix, Snicker tins - Like the tin (reminds me of pencil case I used back in elemantary school) but hate the candy...
Nutcracker Figurines
Snowman shaped chocolate from Hershey that's snap-apart
Normal Hershey Bars with snowman packaging
Gingerbread men
Cella's milk chocolate and Junior Mint Deluxe
Santa by Russel Stover
Snowflakes tumblers - Probably carcinogen (forgot the exact name) releasing when you use it for hot drink

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