Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tarte SmolderEyes and LipSurgence Collector Set Swatches

I was at ULTA, trying to get one of those Tarte holiday sets (basically they are sets of several full sized/near full-sized item for the price of one) and take advantage of the 20% off one item sale. Of course, the sets are were wiped out by the time I was there so I just came home with some swatch (and 30 dollar into my fountain pen piggy bank). 
 The SmolderEyes Collector Sets (with one normal black liner that I have probably swatched before) and five jumbo pencil liner/shadow thingy. I actually don't feel bad missing out this one, since I only like the two on the far right anyway.
LipSurgence Collector Set Features 5 retractable lip crayons- Some are sheerer than the other (I just don't get why do they all have to be shades of raspberry/pink). My true regret was on the blushes...Which I failed to swatch due the overwhelming remorse laziness.

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  1. What a shame they were sold out. The eyeliners look beautiful!


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