Thursday, October 04, 2012

Revlon Blue Mosaic (Radiant) Glitter Nail Polish

Revlon Blue Mosaic nail enamel is normal and hexagonal turquoise blue glitter floating in a clear base, the 2011 limited edition fall release is later added to the permanent line with a new name Radiant (beside confusing the customer, I really don't see what the point is).
Here I am using Milani Racy Green as a base for Blue Mosaic(which is slow drying and quite goopy).


  1. I have this polish and I love it, it looks good over so many polishes, and four coats gets it opaque if you're patient.

  2. That is so beautiful! LOVE your photos and the beautiful background!

  3. Rainy Days and Lattes:
    I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about paying full price for it (CVS advertised a sale but extra buck never printed out...and I was too lazy to return).

    Ahhh...unfortunately I am not (this particular manicure got squashed before it dried fully)...But I will try it again on a cooler and drier day.

    Thanks...and those are actually the backyard weed you are looking at, lol.

  4. how pretty!! it must be a pain to remove the glitter though >.<

    1. It would be, if the formula takes normal time to dry and remains hard. Since it was pretty squishy so the gunk just got wiped right off before it even dried...


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