Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Essence Powder Brush and Tapered Eyeshadow Brush

Essence Powder Brush is a tapered, compact brush with synthetic purple bristle. It's a little wider compared to the other two cheek brushes from the brand (which I love), which is still a convenient size for the apple of the cheeks. The brush as a whole is noticeably stiffer, not as in stiff-and-stratchy, it just doesn't splay as much when pressure is exerted and thus maintains directional.

 Even though it's as soft as the other two cheek brush, I felt that the surface has a smoother, silkier touch that makes it feels like cat fur (or the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki brush) on the skin. Anyway, it still provide enough traction to pick up enough (but not too much) powder blush.
The eyeshadow brush (on the left) turns out to be a little disappointing. The whole brush is stiff and pokey and the tip is cut in a way that makes it scratchy (it picks up power well, that's for sure) and uncomfortable on the eyelid. It's still usable as a brow brush (using the tip only) but I don't really need such tool.
Size comparison between the Blush and Powder Brush, Powder Brush, Smokey Eye Brush and Eyeshadow brush. For some reasons (beside the smokey eye brush, which has its retail price raised by 50 cents) the rest are all discontinued. I am not sure why though...

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  1. The Blush brush sounds really nice. It's a shame that the Essence counter here doesn't stock these brushes..


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