Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Cool and Crispy Day of Fall

So this past Monday we finally got a taste of what fall should be like: a cool (jacket required), cloudless day that's perfect for walking around. Unfortunately, it only lasted for half a day (Ok, the nice weather didn't start until 1pm or so...) and now I am back in my oh-so-classy athletic shorts...

The flowers on the acorn tree was falling...Smell like cream puff filling (or maybe I was just too hungry/delusional).
Amazing finds at TJ-Maxx. Limited Edition Ritter Sport filled chocolate bar at 2 bucks a piece. The Wild Berry Yogurt taste exactly like how it's name (semi-fancy berry flavored frozen yogurt) and the Amarena Cherry (is not at cool but yummy other wise) has more of an almond (forgot what it's called in gelato terminology) taste. The only thing I didn't like is that these have a melting point of what seems like 27 degrees Celsius, so they become thick lumps of chocolate whip cream 5 minutes after leaving the fridge...

Obligatory Petco kitty shot - What a cute a shy girl (she looked down whenever I aim camera at her)...

Some random links, in case you are bored.

Calbee releases limited edition KFC salty ginger fried chicken flavored chips

Mitt Romney looking longingly at people 

A Gentlemen doing marathon...

100-year-old Grandpa and his 17-year-old cat 


  1. You are lucky girl! Here in South Texas it still feels like its July!!!!! 95 degree weather, no lie!

    1. Lol, we are only a (little more northern and) few degrees cooler...I am still wearing my "skanky" tank top with bra strap showing and a pair of short shorts (I am at home so it's alright).


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