Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yardley Lavender & Rosemary Body Wash

After finishing my first bottle of Yardley Bath and Shower Gel (as a laundry detergent), I am on my second one called Lavender and Rosymary (I bought two bottles at once without realizing the fact that body wash can also go wrong). First off, with a consistency (and appearance!) of nose water, this is too diluted to be called a gel / put on a shower mesh (as it just leak through and dissappear within the space). I needed a few pumps on my hand just to get some thin bubbles as I smear it around.

 The smell isn't as offensive as I imagined consider I dislike the scent of lavender (hmmm, wonder why I got it...) just a strange blend of herbs, powder and cloying floral if I sniff it too closely. Well, at least I am thankful that it does clean to a certain extent, which is the only part about it that I don't hate.
Ingredient list of Yardley Lavender and Rosemary Bath and Shower Gel - aka my new bottle of fancy laundry detergent. Overall: Do not like and I suppose I will stay away from Yardley when it comes to soaps and body wash (which is all they make) .

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