Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Morning Cup of Links

Wizard of Oz Corset Dress from a Vintage/Handmade store - Which doesn't carry anything in Asian M (aka American XS)
 Dress from Urban Outfitters - (After trying it I found out that) No wonder it's on sale.
The obligatory unrelated cute animal shot

 The three Lovebird Blushes from Paul & Joe Fall 2012 collection

7 Secrets that Help Add $ to your Fountain Pen Piggy Bank - Work for beauty-related purchase as well! 

So I recently discovered Reddit (where have I been all these time?), here are some of my recent finds:
1. Kitten with a heart. 2. sitting like a boss 3.When the cat lady grandma gets her smartphone
4.Waking up with a blue-eyed pale-skinned beauty

Lastly, a very interesting video from the creator of the reCapcha code. As inspiring as it is, I still hate that shit. Entering the verification codes used to take a second of my time, now it's 30 seconds...If I am lucky.

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