Thursday, September 13, 2012

Since I Can't Get Violet Eyes

Why not settling for a pair of purple prescription glasses?
Recently, I got a chance to try out a pair of glasses from an eye-wear e-retailer
(If I haven't made it clear enough, the item reviewed here is a PR sample), here is my experience with the company. It would be fairly short since there is very little thing to pick on.

The pair I picked is called Unisex Full Frame TR-100 (Yes, this is the name...) in Purple and White, it retails for $23.95 (including the lenses) and is made of light-weight and rather solid (as it feels neither flimsy or cheap) memory plastic. The brand appears to be Dupond Sney, which is a Chinese brand with a western-sounding name. I personally have no problem with that since I have gotten several pairs of glasses from China (the frames that are covered by insurance here are kind of ugly) and they all work rather well.
The rim is in a nice purple jelly with a slight frosted glass texture and the temple (I like to call them "arms") is made of white plastic. It's possible that the white would be a little more dust-friendly after a period of time (just my experience with white plastic in general) but there is no staining for the week I am wearing it so I would say so far so good. I mean, I have more expensive Germany-made fountain pen that breaks down quicker than this (I got four cracks after 2 weeks of use) so I don't get what's the hype about the so-called German Engineering... 
The keyhole bridge and the light weight is very comfortable for my flat nose and easily-bloated body type (that I get red mark on my skin with just a bit of pressure...I used to take 20-minute nap on my backpack and when I wake up, I ended up with a zip mark across my face). Although it might be a little too light that it swings sideways when I am running for the train. 

Here is the red case that came with the glasses (along with a cloth and a black suede pouch) - Again, very solid and well made.

To wrap things up, here is a little summary of the review and my thoughts on the site.

Frames look better in real life than what's pictured on the website
Very good price for the product - I would say 1/4 of what you pay in store.
Accurate correction on the lenses (You need fill in your prescription correctly first!) 
Case and cloth included. I think they also include a small eye glass repair kit if you order a metal frame.
Website is easy enough to navigate for first time user, although the no-name/coding thing makes it harder going back to something you have looked up before. Well, you just need to start over.
Measurement of frame is provided in mm and inch.

(Not Necessarily) Cons:
Glasses come with one default lens (Not sure what's the material is, but it seems light and even UV coated)
The virtual trying-on is not always representative of the real thing so you might end up with a pair that's much bigger than what you imagined,  that's to be expected and what the measurement is for, right?
It took 11 days from the day I sent them my prescription to the arrival of package. My package was sent from New York but I have read from other reviews saying that certain frame arrives from China (If you want to order some fashionable frames for your vacation next week, this might not make it).

Overall: I think Firmoo offers very good deals if you are in need of a new pair of glasses (I though my eye sight are not supposed to go worse after I turned 18...) or some fashionable frames. Since most of their glasses are on the 20 dollar range, it doesn't hurt giving them a try. If you are a blogger or Youtube vlogger, you also have a chance to try a pair for free, just click here for more info

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