Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Physicians Formula Solar Eclipse Bronzer in Starlight

Physicians Formula Solar Eclipse Bronzer in Starlight is probably the most natural-looking bronzer I have tried and the most space-conscious PF face product, since it contains no bulky compact, useless brush or that hideous under-compartment. I like the simple packaging but the big pan isn't too securely glued so it wobbles a little when I swirl the brush on top of it.
The "medium bronzer"  (which is quite light compared to other "normal" brozner shade I have tried,  just gives a nice golden tan without any orange or red base and the color is just a tad darker, a little more glowy than my natural summer skin tone. The golden meteor part (elevated/long enough to be picked up and used alone)  is a bit more shimmery (but not in a disco ball kind of way)  but works well enough as a barely-there highlighter,. I like that the gold leans more gold than yellow, so it won't look off on paler skin.
Starlight Highlight and Bronzer, NYC Sunny, Milani Radiant  (See how the NYC and Milani ones look orange/brown next to it?)


  1. Ah how pretty! This is lighter in packaging! :D

  2. Looks nice and the drawing in the product is lovely!
    Just discovered your blog and I love it. Its being very helpful to make my american wishlist :)

  3. That just looks so adorable!

  4. I think I would defnitely definitely purchase Physicians Formula since their stuff is pretty unique compared to next drugstore brand. That is a pretty bronzer there!


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